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La Villa Strangiato

Ok, these have got to be my two favorite versions of "La Villa Strangiato" ever! I've really love RUSH. Have for years. How they're not in the Rock hall of fame is beyond me. I'd love to have a career like theirs. Extremely respected, loved by millions and all on their own terms. From the video below it's obvious they get it. Art is supposed to be great, inspiring, but most of all FUN! I love that RUSH are known for being these total virtuoso's with abilities beyond us mere mortal...which is true...but they have fun! They've been around since 1968 and I've been a fan since about 1977, and they've always been hilarious! Even though these guys are incredible at what they do, it's nice to see that they know how to have a good time and that when they're on stage, it's their stage. They're at home up there. I want to be like that. Check these out! Oh, and Alex Lifeson is a FREAK!

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