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Nightwish and Dark passion Play

So a few promo tracks from Nightwish's new album Dark Passion Play have made it on teh interweb.  I say Promo because so far each of the tracks I have found are low quality (128kb/sec) and have some interruptions, stating the name of the band, the new album and the name of the track.

The two I have really given attention to are Amaranth and Poet and the Pendulum.

Amaranth will probably sum up the entire Nightwish experience with new singer Anette Olzon.  The song starts off with Anette Olzon feeling very, generic.  She sings well and her voice matches with the music, mostly, but its pretty obvious this song was written way before they had anyone lined up for singing it.  By the end of the song, however, I feel entirely used to Anette's brand of vocals and come to welcome them.  Overall from this song I get a "Victoria's Secret" (from Sonata Arctica) vibe...not bad at all.  A few more listens and this song is infectious.  I love it and am glad that Toumas' writing is only getting better...

...which brings me to Poet and the Pendulum, the new 14 minute epic  I need to listen to this one a few more times, but so far I am impressed thoroughly.  The song has the passion and the ove the top thematics of the other two epics that Toumas has written...but it seems to lack the overall undefinable power that was with Ghost Love Score (maybe I am biased...its my favorite Nightwish song to date).  The middle of the song has an unrelenting orchestra section, complete with some cello and violin solo sections.  Again, Anette's voice feels more or less pasted on to this song, but works nicely.  The ending (last 3 minutes) to the song is kind of dull...but its pretty.

Anyways....I really am looking forward to the rest of this album and cant wait till its available over here in the US.  I think Anette has nowhere but up to go from here with Nightwish.  I am sure that by their second attempt with her they'll have her style and vocals dialed down so well that it will be godlike.  For Dark Passion Play I'm gonna have to say it'll probably only be awesome, amazing or stunning...
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